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Filipino-American Postal Employees Association Support - April 25, 2010:
RTB left the bikes at home so we could support Brother Willie's FAPEA's Feather Falls casino bus trip. We arrived treated with coffee, donuts and lot's of smiles.


After traveling a grueling 3 minutes (1 1/2 blocks) we had troubles with the chartered bus. RTB members decided we could save the day by pushing the bus and get it going again! Auuuuuo!!!

Unfortunately local authorities didn't see it that way...


So the day didn't turn out the way we had expected, it didn't matter sometimes unexpected $#%! happens and you make the best of it. As long we're together GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN! We packed our rides and headed to Redhawk Casino for a day of gambling and being with our sisters and brothers.

Buffet grubbin' RTB style!



R E S P E C T - T H E - B R O T H E R H O O D