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Bikerdahan 2010, Lake Isabella - September 11, 2010. We had the pleasure of riding to Bikerdahan 2010 held at Lake Isabella and hosted by the Pinoy Harley Riders Club located in Southern California. This was an open invite to all Pinoy Riders across the state. This was unlke any other run we have ever particapated in as we rode nearly 700 miles and stayed one night.

A special thanks to "Sarge" for bringing the chase vehicle packed with our camping gear and for also bringing a few of our brothers.


Group shot below taken after finding out Brother Chino just had a babygirl, brothers giving the congrats!

Below: Vernon chillin' hardcore biker style!

Dynamite - had a life long dream paying a visit to his uncle in Delano, CA. riding in on his Harley Davidson. Dynamite led the crew to Uncle's house with an ear-to-ear kool-aid smile! Way to go Willie! Thanks for letting your brothers be part of this special moment.

Below - Samurai geared up and ready to roll!

Live band, Karaoke more Filipino food that you can eat. What more can you ask for after a good days ride. Nothing!

Brother chillin' and drinkin'

Brothers chillin' and eatin'

If you know Vernon, you know this brother has a set of pipes and can blow! Together with Kabao on the drums RTB had a chance to represent!

Kabao busted out playing the drums surprising everyone, including his RTB brothers!

Camp RTB ( behind) one thing we have learned on this over night trip. You need to have your tent at least 50' away from Fernando! If there is a record for the loudest snoring this brother will take it hands down! (much love brother!)

Vernon and Zaldy of California Pinoys (Daly City)

Cebu and Zaldy of California Pinoys (Daly City)

Sarge cooked us breakfast and had coffee ready early in the morning. We woke up to the sounds of a bugle! After we said our goodbyes to the other crews we packed up and headed back to Stockton. This was an adventure we'll remember for years to come, many stories and laughs along the way.



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