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Veteran's Day Parade - San Francisco, CA - November 7, 2010 - Through the colaboration efforts of RTB Member "Nando" and Sgt. Valdez RTB had the honor of participating in the San Francisco Veterran's Day parade. On this cold, windy and rainy day members and their familes gave their respects to our Veteran's past and present. A small action of appreciation of what they have done for our country.

Thank you brothers and sisters for your participation your presence made a difference to those that came to see a parade. Whether we rode bikes, drove cars or walked, we as a family together showed great support.

A special thanks to "Nando" for his relentless organizing. His passion for Filipino history and Filipino Veteran's is the reason we were able be part of this special day. We would also like to thank member "Chino" for the first time bringing Escrima to the Veteran's Day parade and again showing one of the many different cultures that makes RTB.


"Dynamite" leading the crew through the streets of San Francisco




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